Useful Links

Here are a series of web links to other organisations and resources who share our interests:


Community Energy Groups (embedded local decentralised energy)

- Community Energy England support

- Brighton Community Energy

- Reading Community Energy

- Woking Community Energy

- Community Energy Coalition

- Dorking Community Energy

More sustainable Transportation

- Travel Smart in Surrey

- Energise Network for Electric Vehicles

- Electric Vehicles, A guide to charging

- Electric Vehicle, A buyers guide

- JustPark (sharing parking; including EV charging places)

Transition to a low carbon future and better planet

- Transition Towns

- Transition Dorking

- Food Float

- Dorking Business Improvement District

Energy Efficiency and Saving

- Energy Saving Trust

- Act on CO2 in Surrey

- The Carbon Trust

Solar PV and Other Renewables Electricity Generation

- Solar power portal

- Renewable Energy Hub

Investing in Community Energy

- Abundance

Non-governmental organisations / Campaigns

- Greenpeace

- Campaign against new drilling for oil at Leith Hill and surrounding area of Surrey Hills and Sussex Weald

- People in the world have more access to mobile phones than to decent toliets and clean water. Click to Wateraid