Are you ready to be an 'energy citizen'?

Are you ready to take responsibility for your own energy usage?

Are you ready to do what you can to help make the transition to a more equitable, sustainable energy system?

It is becoming increasingly obvious, as highlighted in a recent report from Oil Change International, that fossil fuels - oil, coal and gas - should be kept in the ground, in order to achieve the cut in carbon emissions needed to avoid the worst affects of climate change. We need to stop relying on dirty fuels that cause damage to our environment and to our health.

You have the power to help drive an energy revolution - putting the needs of people and planet ahead of big energy company profits - with a new study suggesting that, by 2050, 45% of European power demand could potentially be met by 'energy citizens'.

'Energy citizens' are individuals and public bodies that are active participants in the energy system, producing energy or managing their demand via the installation of solar panels, wind turbines, electric boilers, electric vehicles and battery storage. By making use of increasingly affordable technology, powered by clean, freely available, renewable resources, individuals can take the initiative in helping to tackle climate change and gain greater control over their energy usage at the same time.

You can make a difference, even if you can't install renewable energy solutions in your home:

  • Reducing energy consumption in homes and offices has a massive role to play. Action Surrey can offer help and advice in making your home more energy efficient via insulation and other energy saving measures.
  • Buy your electricity from a supplier who sources electricity from renewable sources. The Green Energy Marketplace can help you to find the best green tariffs available in your area.
  • Where you keep your money is important. Does your bank or pension provider use your money to fund the fossil fuel industry? The divestment movement is encouraging us to move our money away from institutions that finance fossil fuels and into those that support social and renewable energy projects.
  • Support a community energy project. With low interest rates being offered by traditional banks, renewable energy projects can offer good rates of return for your investment (your capital may be at risk). Ethex hosts a range of community energy projects offering positive ways to invest your money.
  • Meet with or write to your MP and local councillors to let them know how you feel about climate change, renewable energy, fracking, nuclear, fossil fuels etc. The most recent Government Energy & Climate Change Public Attitudes Tracking Survey shows that 76% of people support renewable energy; 36% support nuclear (although 86% are unaware of how the UK manages radioactive waste); and a mere 21% support fracking.
  • Mass public pressure can have an influence on corporations and governments. Support a campaign that reflects your values and the changes that you would like to see in the world.

Remember, you have the opportunity to make a difference: look for the things you can change and your actions could also influence those around you to do the same!

13 Oct 2016