Dorking Solar Group (DSG) supports local Doctors to go solar!

We were delighted to see the solar PV panels go up on Medwyn Surgery in the summer 2018. It’s great to see another Dorking landmark saving money and C02. Here’s how DSG were involved with the process throughout.

Ideal large south facing roof

The surgery were already considering solar when DSG got involved. We saw the opportunity of a large south facing roof with high daytime energy use as an ideal site for solar. Although you will be paid for generating clean energy and selling it back to the grid, the real win comes from the savings on paying for electricity because you generate it yourselves. So a site that is in use during the day is ideal. Medwyn are delighted with the results, they said “We are really pleased with the end result and look forward to seeing how much electricity we can generate. DSG were key in suggesting these for the roof, recommending suppliers and advice as we went along.”

Our free advice

We were able to provide a business case based on estimated costs and returns. We then suggested trusted suppliers for the installation. Medwyn decided to use one of them, Brockham based Helios Energy who worked with Solar Perfect for the job. We were on hand for impartial advice and even contributed to the planning permission consultation. Planning permission isn’t usually needed for solar PV and although it was in this case it passed without issue.“Its a great new solar system that the town can be proud of.” said Will Clemson of Helios Energy.

The facts:

60 x JA Solar 280W modules, black to blend in with the slate roofA peak output of 16.8kW.

Payback in 8 years (based on FIT, generation and electricity savings) 25 year performance warranty (expected 30+ year lifespan).

SolarEdge optimised inverter.

What we did, for free:

Made a business case based on estimate costs and return.

Advised on trusted suppliers.


Do get in touch if you would like us to run some quick numbers for you.

1 Nov 2018